Monthly Archives: March 2014

Statistically Speaking

U.S. v. Chhibber | 12-2728

March 2014

For those of you who practice in the health care arena, Chhibber is a must read, and is probably worth sharing with the chief compliance officer of your favorite health care client. Read More >>

Vouching for Agent Doright – the Do’s and Dont’s

U.S. v. Alexander | 12-3498

March 2014

Have you ever sat at counsel table after delivering a powerful closing argument highlighting your impeachment of Agent Doright, only to hear the government prosecutor in her rebuttal stand up and vouch for his honesty and integrity?  Did you think to yourself, “That’s not fair”?  It may not have been – and United States v. Alexander tells us why.Read More >>

Hearsay Exceptions: Here to Stay

U.S. v. Boyce | 13-1087

March 2014

As discussed in Boyce, the “excited utterance” and “present sense impression” exceptions to the hearsay rule are alive and well in the Seventh Circuit . . . for now.Read More >>

Rule 12(b)(a) Standard: Where are the Facts?

Adams v. City of Indianapolis | 13-3422

March 2014

Next time you are searching for an excellent case for legal support of your motion to dismiss, grab Adams.  Read More >>

Sentencing Potpourri

U.S. v. Prado | 12-3762
U.S. v. Jackson | 13-1496
U.S. v. Peters | 12/3830

March 2014

While the Court issued no monumental sentencing decisions in February, there were two opinions issued worth filing in your folder of quotable cases – and one worth filing in the recycling bin.  Read More >>